We always try to keep our prices as flexible as possible so whether you are self funded indie who wants a simple promo on a budget or established artist who needs a major production team involved, tell us what you need and we will give you some ideas and options.

For smaller projects we have several packages on high quality 4k cameras like GH5 and A7iii with high quality prime lenses, gimbal and drones as well as wide range of lighting equipment for any location or studio setting. You can also contact us below for examples of costs on larger productions and crew using cine cameras like RED Dragon, ARRI Alexa.

Get in touch to see how we can help!

Send us as much details about artist / song so we can suggest some ideas and locations to suit your concept and budget.

Rough guide to other additional costs :

Models, actors + dancers :   £50 -150 half day
Hair and Makeup :  £30 – £150 day
Wardrobe/ stylist :  £100 – £300 day

Photo studio hire :   £25hr – £500 day
Music Studio / rehearsal space :   £25 – £300 day
Apartment / hotel room :   £100 – 300 night
Warehouse space / luxury apartment :   £500 – 1000 day

Car hire :   £100 – 400 German Sports car or    £500 – 1000 day Italian Supercar
Small Speed Boat / Motor Yacht : 50hr – £900 half day


Music Video Packages 

Cost of making Music Video

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