We always try to keep our prices as flexible as possible so whether you are self funded indie who wants a simple promo on a budget or established artist who needs a major production team involved, tell us what you need and we will work around a budget to meet your requirements.

Starter Video Packages

£250 – Simple performance video [ 3hrs shoot in nearby locations ]
3-4 full takes plus intro cut away shoots and poses.

£500 – Half day shoot [ 5hrs and 2-3 locations in city ]
6 full performance takes plus extra story elements and locations

£800 – Full day shoot [ 10hrs or 2 half days filming ]
Multiple takes in different locations with make up, clothing changes and developed storyline

Guide to extra costs

Models, actors or dancers = £50-100 half day
Make up artist = £30-80
Studio / Location  hire = £200-1000 day
Car hire = £50-100 sports car or £200-300 day for supercar
Larger crew and production style cameras like FS7, RED and ARRI [Get in Touch]

Send us as much details about artist and track so we can give you some ideas and concepts to fit your budget.

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