How to use social media to promote your music video for free

  1. Youtube

    Still the most popular and best starting point you will need to set up your own Youtube page and channel to share your videos. Make sure to give each video full title including artist name, style of music and describe your video with all related terms, keywords and phrases people would use to find your type of music, as well as picking a good thumbnail. Its also worth adding names of similar bands, collaborating artists, cast and crew involved in the video and usefull to tags and categorize your content into sections if you have other types of content on your channel.

    Make sure the about section or post has links to your website and other social channels.
    Research and submit your links to other youtube channels that will promote or feature videos for your style of music. Check links below for some of most popular channels.

     Teaser music video clip, Behind the scenes video, Lyric video, Cover songs, home practice and studio sessions, favorite gear, techniques and tutorials.


  2.  Facebook

    Set up Facebook artist page where you can add or embed your video link to share with all fans, friends, relatives, associates etc. You will want to use them all so prepare a message that makes them realise how much work you have put into getting to this stage and that you really appreciate their help and support.

    Also find and join any relevant music genre interest groups or artist networking groups on facebook to share with. After sharing youtube link its worth uploading the content directly on facebook as it will plays in timeline when people are scrolling past.
    If that isnt working its also worth considering boost or promoting post on facebook targeted at the fans of similar bands or styles of music.

    IDEAS: Lyrics sheet, personal story inspiration, poll fans on lyrics title, new song clip, work in progress, studio clips, gig news, sound check, similar band you like


  3. Instagram

    Its also worth creating tumblr and twitter profile as you can update these with all your insta posts at same time. Follow people with similar interests in music and try and engage them with your posts and content.

    Search relevant tags and add these to the comments below so they appear in tags related to style of music, performance, studio session, video. You can delete and add these tags at peak times to get more likes through these hash tags.

     Lyrics sheet, personal inspiration moments, video stills, lyrics sheet, work in progress, studio pics, gig posters, travels, sound check, concerts you attend

  4. Influencers and colaborations

    Find people or other artists with large following and similar interests to collaborate with on new projects or cross post each others content and ask them to share or repost your links. Best to follow or make friends naturally and build up some interaction with their content before asking for favour. You can use tools to find people who have shared other links and the amount of followers they have using site below.

  5. Snapchat

    Very popular with younger fans but more for behind the scenes stories and announcements and teasing about release dates etc.

            IDEAS: Announcements, Behind the scenes, Q+A


  6. Vimeo

    Worth uploading your video to vimeo also and check categories and groups on here and other ways to share with similar creatives. Vimeo is more suited to highly creative artistic video content.

  7. Pintrest

    Youtube, vimeo and Vevo all have buttons so you can easily share your videos on pinterest and Tumblr so sign up for an account, create a board and pin your songs and photos here for others to find and also see who is sharing your content.

  8.  Blogs artist/ band forum

    Research related websites, music Blogs, forums, and social influencers and ask them to share on their channels and sites.


  9.  Vevo Channel

    You will need to set up an account with an official Vevo partner. You can only upload your music videos or set up a new artist channel through one of Vevo’s official partners. Just google and you can find people like Ditto, Distrokid and many more who will help you with this.

  10. Reddit

    Share your youtube link with artist title genre date in title. General music video group below but also search relevant genres for other groups. Reddit is a huge platform broken down into subreddits, which are essentially topics and groups.








  11. Creative awards and feature sites