Video production in London for music videos, promotional films, product movies, event coverage, behind the scenes, case studies and interviews. We shoot with 4k cameras, high quality lenses and professional equipment to achieve an artistic, cinematic feel and create essential video content for broadcast, websites and social channels.

We use aerial drones, steadicam, tracked camera dollys, led lighting, audio mics and editing equipment to achieve exciting, creative shots and professional results without the need for big crews, long set up times and production cost. We can also help you find locations, actors, models, dancers and stylist at very reasonable prices. Get in touch for a quote and discuss how we can help on your next video project!

Planning / pre production

  • Storyboarding
  • Creative approach
  • Visual concepts
  • Camera techniques
  • Sourcing locations, venues, models, actors, dancers, make up artists. props,cameras, specialist equipment.

Production and Filming

  • Set dressing, decoration, sound and lighting set up, using coloured lights, lasers, disco balls, globos, smoke machines.
  • Hair and make up for artists
  • Filming, B roll and behind the scenes


Post Production

  • Sequencing footage
  • Edit FX, and graphics
  • Music and sound recording and mix down
  • Colour grading, after effects

Final Delivery

  • Initial render
  • Amendments
  • Approval
  • Export and optimization for online media use or broadcast.